English book set
English book set
English book set

English book set


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English book set (audio book)

Product model: BBG-BOOK-008

Set contains: 2 fun words / 1 pinyin / 1 Happy ABC

For many parents, when you talk about reading, you will first think of it: look with your eyes. When it comes to early childhood reading, you will first think of it: read it yourself, and listen to it. Once you don't have time to read to your child, early reading will become empty talk.

The difference between audio books and traditional books is that it is a book that can make sounds. Therefore, as long as you use the pen to click on the text, picture, and game icon in the audio book, you can hear the corresponding text reading, character dialogue, bird called insects, children's song music, game quiz, etc., just like someone is telling the story in a vivid way. It is also like watching cartoons, and its understanding effect and reading pleasure are greatly improved compared to traditional children's books.